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mica heater bands

Mica Heater Bands Options


See our accessories page for high temperature wire and connectors.



mica heater bands

Low Profile Terminals
Low profile terminals are available on all mica heater bands with post terminals.  Call for details.



mica heater bands3 Phase or Dual Voltage
Available on most mica heater bands with leads or post terminals.  Some restrictions, such as minimum size, do exist.  Please contact Thermal for further information.



Mounting Flange
Available with leads or post terminals.mica heater bands
Available on one or two piece band heaters.




mica heater bands

Ground Terminals or Ground Wire
May be added to most configurations.



nozzle band heaters

Non-Standard Location of Leads or Terminals
Leads or terminals may be located at any reasonable place along the
band heater for applications where standard connections may
be inaccessible.
Please contact Thermal for details.



nozzle band heaters

Extra Wide Gap
Available on most mica band heaters as a less expensive alternative to holes for thermocouple probe access.
Some restrictions apply for heaters with mounting flanges. (Standard gap is 5/16″).
Please specify “G” dimension when ordering.


nozzle band heaters

Stainless Steel Sheath
For food processing applications, stainless steel construction is available. Diameters must be 5″ or greater for this option.



Holes or Notches

Any reasonable size and location is available on custom designed mica band heaters.  Please contact Thermal for assistance in determining feasibility. 

nozzle heater bandsBH-wHoles_a




Low Profile Strap
Low profile strap is standard for band heaters with ID’s of 3″ or less and widths of 2″ or less.  available on request for larger nozzle bands.mica band heaters



nozzle heater bandsStandard Clamping Strap
All mica band heaters over 3″ wide will automatically be furnished with more than one strap.  Call Thermal for details if additional straps are required.



nozzle heater bandsSpring Strain Relief
Strain relief spring that goes over stainless steel overbraid (approximately 4″ coverage from where leads exit band heater) available on config. 417, 516, 517, 518, 519, 536, 546, 547 and strip heater config. 016.


nozzle heater bandsCopper Elbow with Stainless Steel Hose
3/8″ flexible hose soldered to elbow available on band heater configurations 415, 514, 520, 521, 538, 544, and 545 and strip heater conf. 014.  Please specify orientation of elbow to heater when ordering.


mica band heatersCopper Elbow with Stainless Steel Overbraid
Available on most heaters with leads.  Some restrictions, such as minimum size, do exist.  Please contact Thermal for further information.

Incorporated Strap
Clamping strap is built-in as integral part of the band heater.



mica band heaters

Clamp Strap with Pads
Used with partial band heaters when straps are attached to barrel.



mica heater bandsStrap with Spring Clamp
Recommended for larger diameter applications (above 10″ ID) to insure adequate clamping actions.


mica band heatersBayonet Adapter Attached to Heater
A standard bayonet adapter is soldered to a bracket then attached to the heater above a 3/8″ diameter hole. Please specify adapter size when ordering.
TBox-w-2-sets-Mounting-HolTerminal Box
Available for most configurations that have post terminals side by side. 1 piece heater 3″ ID, 3″ width; 2 – piece heaters 3″ width



mica band heatersTerminal Box Attached to Strap
Available on most configurations with in-line post terminals. 1 piece heater 3-1/2″ ID, 1-1/4″ width; 2 piece heater 5″ ID, 1-14″ width



mica band heaters3 Phase and Dual Voltage T-Boxes
Available on most configurations that have post terminals side by side. One-piece heater – 3″ ID, 3″ width; two-piece heater – 3″ widths.


mica band heatersEuropean Connector
2-pole cup type European plug available on most configurations.  Some restrictions, such as minimum diameter and minimum width do exist. Please contact Thermal Corp for further assistance.