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Temperature Controllers – Fuji PXR Series

Thermal Corporation carries a broad selection of Fuji PX series temperature controllers for an accurate and cost effective way to control the temperatures of your process. If you don’t see the exact configuration you require, please give us a call at 1.800.633.2962.

Specifications Summary:

  • Universal process input
  • Auto manual operation with A/M key
  • Position feedback control
  • Smart ramp-soak with guaranteed soak
  • 8 PID palettes
  • PC program loader interface
  • 32-segment ramp/soak feature at no additional cost
  • Display blinks on alarm condition
  • Remote setpoint
  • Analog retransmission
  • Small size fits 1/16 DIN cut out (1-25/32″ x 1-25/32″) x 3-1/2″ deep

Type of Control

  • ON/OFF – heat is turned on when process temperature is below set point
  • PID – ( Proportional, Integral, Derivative ) with proportional control, the heater is turned on by the temperature controllers for a larger or smaller percent of time depending on the amount of heat needed.
  • Integral – and adjustment to remove the offset difference between the set point and the point at which the proportional control stabilizes.
  • Derivative – adjust the speed with which the control system responds to rapid changes in demand and also affects the control of overshoot.
  • Auto-tune-control – Controller automatically selects proper PID Values Self tunes – automatically tunes the temperature controllers under certain conditions.
  • Ramp- to – Set point

Inputs (Programmable)

  • Thermocouples J, K, R, B, S, T, E, N, and PC2
  • RTD Pt100
  • Voltage Input 1-5V DC*
  • Current Input 4 – 20 ma DC

  • Full Auto-tune PID functions, self tune, fuzzy logic
  • Inputs: accepts most thermocouples, RTDs or current/voltage inputs
  • Output-relay contact, current or SSR drive output
  • Indication – 4-digit, 7 segment LED
  • Operates on any AC voltage from 100V to 240V
  • Very flexible and easy to use due to microprocessor control
  • Waterproof – conforms to NEMA 4X/IP66
  • Security Lock-Out to prevent unauthorized changes


  • Relay Contact 3 A@220V
  • Current Output 4-20maDC*
  • SSR Driver*
  • Optional 2nd Output for cooling


  • One Relay Contact Output
  • Programmable for absolute temperature or deviation from set point


  • ± (0.5% full scale + 1 digit)


  • Source 100-240V AC
  • Consumption 10 watts
  • Communications Option – RS485

Operating / Storage Conditions

  • Ambient Temp. 14° to 122°F
  • Storage Temp. -4° to 140° F
  • Relative Humidity 90% or less

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