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Strip Heaters Options


For High temperature wire and connectors, go to our accessories page.



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Terminal Box
Available for most configurations which have post terminals



Ground Terminal or Ground Wirestrip heaters
May be added to most configurations.


 3 Phase or Dual Voltage
strip heatersAvailable on most custom heaters with leads or post terminals.  Some restrictions exist.  Please contact Thermal for details.

Non-Standard Location of Leads or Terminals
Leads or terminals may be located at any reasonable place
along the heater for applications where standard
connections may be inaccessible.  strip heaters
Please contact Thermal for details.


Stainless Steel Sheath
For food processing applications. Please contact Thermal for details.strip heaters


Holes or Notches
Available on any custom-made strip heaters. Please contact Thermal for details.industrial heating products



Low Profile Terminals
Low Profile terminals are available on all heaters with post terminals.
Call Thermal for details.industrial heating products





industrial heating products

90° Bend
Strip Heaters may be custom  formed for your application.  Please contact Thermal for more information.


Copper Elbow with Stainless Steel Hose
3/8″ flexible hose soldered to elbow available on strip heaters configuration 014.  Please specify orientation of elbow to heater when ordering.

industrial heating products